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IL LUST Consultant

Are You Satisfied With Your IL LUST Consultant?


Is your LUST removal project moving in a timely and cost effective manner? Marlin Environmental can take over your project whatever phase it's in and move quickly to bring your project to site closure. Our expertise with local and government agencies and their guidelines insures you will get fast approval, closure and reimbursement.


Are you paying your consultant upfront for tank removal, remediation and environmental consulting services? Marlin Environmental partners with you and can finance your entire project.


Are you currently contracted to a consultant who has not begun your project? Let Marlin Environmental go to work for you and start your project. Unlike most companies who are waiting for IEPA funding before they begin another project, Marlin Environmental starts working for you the day after you sign a contract.


Is your consultant having problems getting the IEPA to approve your current budget of your plans and reimbursement for your IL LUST consulting services and remediation? Our vast experience with the EPA has earned us an impeccable reputation which allows Marlin Environmental to have a 90% submission approval rating for LUST plans and budgets. Marlin boasts a 99% approval rating for reimbursement claims.


Are you waiting for your EPA NFR (No Further Remediation) approval? Why not let Marlin Environmental help you get that approval. We have received and closed over 250 NFR (No Further Remediation) projects in the last ten years!


Is your contaminated site being cleaned properly? Many companies will do the bare minimum or take short cuts with the EPA in order to closeout your case. These short cuts may go unnoticed until you try to sell your property. This may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in property value or worse, generate another EPA case. Marlin Environmental provides every customer with complete and turnkey remediation and removal. We take no short cuts, and when you receive your NFR and final reimbursement you can rest assured your LUST site was completed in your best interest.

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