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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I/Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

The first step in determining whether a piece of property is environmentally impacted is to conduct a Phase I environmental assessment which includes ASTM protocols and typically includes a site inspection, an interview with key personnel to discover the usage of the property, a review of records to discover the historical facts concerning past property usage as well as a written report to identify the potential risks associated with property development and/or financing. Property transactions often require the due diligence of a Phase I site investigation.

In cases where further investigation may be needed, Marlin Environmental may need to recommend and conduct a Phase II ESA study. Phase II Environmental Site Assessments may include geological investigations, asbestos testing and ground water sampling. Accurate determination of the subsurface often provides many key facts in many environmental contaminations. Geological testing includes site sample borings, well monitoring, soil and water sampling and laboratory analysis, geophysical surveys and computer modeling.

Once PhaseI/II Investigations are completed Marlin Environmental can accurately determine the best ways in which to remediate the site. Marlin Environmental has extensive experience in soil excavation, groundwater pumping and treatment systems, free-product recovery system, soil vapor extraction and enhancement of natural biodegradation processes.

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