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Brownfield Remediation Illinois

Site Remediation Program and Brownfields Consulting

Marlin Environmental has a wealth of experience working with municipalities, private businesses, developers and regulators in the investigation and remediation of environmentally-impacted industrial and commercial properties. Our broad environmental investigation, remediation, geology and regulatory compliance experience in Illinois means you can rest assured that Marlin Environmental can partner with you to advise you on the scope of your project and provide you with a remediation plan that is tailored to your needs.

The Site Remediation Program (SRP) is a voluntary cleanup program that allows the remediation applicant to work with the IEPA to receive review and evaluation services with the ultimate goal of obtaining a no further remediation (NFR) determination. The Illinois Brownfields program allows municipalities the opportunity to investigate and achieve NFR status through the SRP on environmentally-impacted properties that are abandoned or underused.

Marlin Environmental can perform site evaluations including Phase I and subsurface assessments to determine the contaminants involved and the best clean-up procedure to achieve regulatory compliance. Marlin Environmental has also been successful in assisting municipalities apply for and win federal and state grant monies for brownfield redevelopment projects.

Marlin Environmental's experienced staff will help you navigate through the SRP and Illinois Brownfields program from the development of the initial investigation work plan to the no further remediation determination. Marlin Environmental works within the state regulatory guidelines to develop risk-based, site-specific cleanup objectives and remedial options based on actual site conditions, the contaminants being addressed and the end use of the site. With our record of experience with contaminated site remediation, you can trust that our experts will handle your project in the most efficient manner possible.

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