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Our Mission to be Your Partner

Marlin Environmental partners with you to understand your business, help determine your IL environmental clean up needs, secure funding for your project, provide innovative and proven solutions for LUST removal and contaminated soil remediation in Illinois in a cost-effective, timely manner and in accordance with local, state and federal guidelines like the IEPA LUST compliance standards.

In 1997, Marlin Environmental realized the importance of an environmental consultant who puts the client first. Today, Marlin Environmental is one of the most prestigious environmental consulting companies in Illinois with clients reaching as far as Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin. For environmental risk assessment, IL companies have turned to Marlin's expertise for more than 20 years. Marlin Environmental specializes in a wide range of environmental and geological consulting including the areas of: LUST (Leaking Underground Storage Tanks), Phase I and Phase II site assessments, soil and groundwater remediation, compliance audits, brownfield evaluations and expert witness testimony.

Even though our clients come from a vast array of industries, each looks to Marlin Environmental's expertise in environmental and geological consulting for innovative solutions. Clients also trust Marlin Environmental to expedite the entire job from analysis, to funding, to EPA approval, to clean-up. Marlin's reputation with federal, state and local governments is unparalleled; as is our ability to help your company obtain LUST funding. Securing funding for environmentally impacted areas is key because it limits the liability for you, the business owner.

To date, Marlin Environmental has secured more than $50 million from the IEPA's LUST Fund for our clients. In addition, Marlin boasts a superior first submission success rate with IEPA approval.

Our Staff

From local retail businesses to large corporations, more industries turn to Marlin Environmental for our knowledge and expertise in evaluating and handling the removal and remediation of environmentally impacted land and water in Illinois. Our team of experts not only has the experience in assessment and removal, Marlin Environmental has more than 3 decades of experience with federal, state and local guidelines concerning the handling of environmentally impacted areas. Our reputation with government agencies is impeccable. This ensures your environmental cleanup will go according to government guidelines. It also means you can trust Marlin to quickly secure government approvals for work plans, LUST funding and NFR (No further remediation).

Marlin's staff can also be called in to provide you with expert witness testimony concerning environmentally impacted areas and professional opinions concerning proper remediation and removal of contaminated soil and water.

Meet Marlin Environmental's Team of Experts:

Mr. Robert E. Renguso, P.G., president and senior project manager for Marlin Environmental Consulting, LLC earned a Bachelor of Science degree in geology in 1987 from Northern Illinois University, where he focused on environmental issues and hydrogeology. Mr. Renguso also has a certificate in environmental geosciences awarded in 1993 from NIU. He is a state of Illinois licensed professional geologist with more than 30 years of experience conducting Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, hydro geologic and geologic subsurface investigations, Underground Storage Tank assessments and remediations and other varied environmental consulting tasks. Mr. Renguso is an expert in assisting clients with their projects via the successful use of Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's (IEPA) Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Fund reimbursement program. Mr. Renguso has successfully completed the 40-hour OSHA Hazardous Materials/Waste Site Operations and eight-hour Site Supervisor courses.

Mr. Shawn D. Wolfe, senior project manager for Marlin Environmental Consulting, LLC, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in geology and environmental studies from Cornell College in 1998. Mr. Wolfe has over 20 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry and has been highly involved in the planning, coordination and performance of site investigation and corrective action activities associated with contaminant releases for LUST and Site Remediation Program (SRP) sites. He has developed Corrective Action Plans in accordance with regulatory guidelines for the private sector and has successfully achieved "No Further Remediation" status for several sites through the use of risk-based assessment, active remediation and institutional controls. Mr. Wolfe serves as the company lead for field techniques, regulatory issues, data analysis and presentation, transport modeling and technical writing. Mr. Wolfe has also performed several due diligence Phase I/Phase II Environmental Site Assessments for a variety of residential/commercial/industrial sites and has assisted with emergency responses and abatement at gasoline service stations. Mr. Wolfe is 40-hour OSHA certified for hazardous waste site work.

Mr. Brian Gray, senior project manager for Marlin Environmental Consulting, LLC earned a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental health from Western Illinois University 2001. Mr. Gray has more than 15 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry including the development and implementation of groundwater monitoring and site investigation projects. He has been involved in the IEPA LUST remediation program, including Underground Storage Tank assessments and remediation, site investigations, Corrective Action Plans and site closures. Mr. Gray has successfully completed the 40-hour OSHA Hazardous Materials/Waste Site Operations and eight-hour refresher courses.

Mrs. Melanie LoPiccolo, office manager, project manager, and reimbursement manager for Marlin Environmental Consulting, LLC earned an associate degree in business in 1991 and an associate degree in paralegal studies in 1993 from Elgin Community College. Mrs. LoPiccolo has three years of experience as a paralegal in the legal field and four years of experience as an office manager/purchasing manager in the industrial business field. In addition, she has over 15 years of experience as office manager and reimbursement manager in the environmental consulting field. Mrs. LoPiccolo generates and completes IEPA LUST Fund reimbursement claims for approval, manages the reimbursement claims, and monitors the IEPA LUST Fund for approvals and payments as the reimbursement manager. Mrs. LoPiccolo handles all the day-to-day operations of Marlin Environmental Consulting, LLC, as the office manager.

Mrs. Christine Altman, project engineer for Marlin Environmental Consulting, earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1991 from Purdue University. Mrs. Altman has over 3 years of experience in the environmental consulting field. Mrs. Altman creates and edits computer aided drafting and design drawings for Marlin Environmental Consulting including the data analysis/computation required to generate geologic cross section maps and groundwater contour/flow maps. Mrs. Altman is also involved in the underground storage tank assessments, site investigation and corrective action activities performed under the IEPA LUST remediation program. In addition, she has over 10 years of experience working for an engineering consulting firm in the power generation industry.

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